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Contracts Worked

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Chorus, Principal, Understudy, Swing, Dance Captain, and Standby.

Served as deputy on many of these contracts.

It has been an honor to serve the membership as a first term councilor. I joined Actors' Equity Association in 1996 from an Equity Chorus Call. I am and always will be a proud member of the chorus. 

We need to get back to the basics: Organizing jobs for our Actors and Stage Managers. With AEA enrollment wide open and what seems like a theatre program at every college and university giving the promise of a life in the theatre, we need to make sure our members have access to jobs. Many of the regional jobs that we have relied on as the glue to hold our careers together are no longer in existence. We need to focus on fostering new theatres and organizing existing ones. More jobs, more jobs, more jobs! 

Chorus Members, Does it feel like we are lacking gains in each negotiation for coverage, rental payments, parts payments, understudies, rehearsal hours, etc? The truth is we are the first category to fall off the table. We can change that. If every chorus member answered the contract surveys and made their wants and needs known to staff, things will stop falling off the table. We can do this together. Though the ability to participate in committees (ACCA) have been limited, we have the numbers and the power if we just speak up. Your union needs to know what is going on. Answer your Contract Surveys and call your Union Rep! If you do not know your rep, call the number on the back of your card and they will get you to the right person. Let them know what issues most concern you and what you feel needs changing in the next negotiating cycle. We need to stop the dressing room echo chamber. Always call your rep with any issues. Just like theatre, Governance is a Collaborative Art. 

I believe we need to find a way to address the culture of tipping in our work place. The pressure to tip wardrobe and hair placed on our minimum salary workers needs to be brought out into the light of day and addressed. This practice affects our minimum salaried chorus members in larger musicals where multiple wig and costume changes are more likely. A savings of $10-$20 a week would be a massive gain for our members. It is the wardrobe and hair's employer and their union that are responsible for the appropriate compensation of these workers. The expectation should be that we treat them equally as creatives and collaborators and not that we tip them. This is a culture that has been passed down to our members by our own members and I believe is antiquated. 

I stand against the union's support of a Casino in Times Square.


My Voting Suggestions_edited.png

We need a person in this position who can get doors to open in DC, garners media attention, and whose phone calls will be answered. The spotlight a voice like this can bring to our various cases like: the road (Ask if it’s Equity), PATPA (Performing Artist Tax Parity Act)which would enable us to deduct business expenses again, and basic workers rights is invaluable.

All that 
and she has worked on our Broadway, Off-Broadway and regional stages! 

Todd works the contracts. He is extremely well respected among members and employers alike. He is a kind, smart, honest, and a fierce advocate for the chorus.

He will be a uniting voice in our council room.




Chorus Dancer, Important Voices!

You may request a replacement ballot if  you have not received a ballot by May 6 or if you misplace your original ballot.

Duplicate ballots may be requested by email to or by calling 877-455-9367.


May 6th Replacement ballots can start being requested

May 13th at 8PM ET Deadline to request replacement ballots

May 22nd at 5PM ET Ballots must be received

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