Kilty on Council

Residence: New York, NY
Eastern Region Chorus Councilor

Contracts Worked: ANTC, Cabaret, CORST, COST, Dinner Theatre, Encores!, LOA, LORT, MSUA, Production, SETA, Showcase, SPT, TYA, URTA

Chorus, Principal, Understudy, Swing, Dance Captain, and Standby. Proudly served as deputy on many of these contracts. "Currently” on the road as a

Standby in Come From Away.


A member of the ACCA (Advisory Committee on Chorus Affairs), SETA (Short Engagement Touring Agreement) and the Dinner Theatre Committees.

Personal History

From Charlotte NC with a brief stint in Memphis TN (grades 6-9), I was raised with New Faces of 1952 on the record player. Occasionally it was swapped out for

A Chorus Line or Annie. Not quite born in a trunk but... 

I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where I was proud to member of the UNC Clef Hangers. After graduation, I headed to Florida to be an apprentice at the then newly christened Jupiter Theatre.

After my time in FL, I moved to New York and hit the streets auditioning.  

I received my Equity card from a Chorus call for A Tribute to Danny Kaye: The Court Jester at The Concord Hotel (Dirty Dancing). I got my card on a Cabaret Contract! 

It was two week job and I was never prouder to be part of something.

Tell me about your name?

It’s Kilty with a “L” not Kitty with a “T” cause Kitty with a “T” goes meow.

(And I ROAR!)

Honestly, Kilty is my given name. I am named after my paternal grandmother, 

Margaret Kilty. One thing I didn't have to worry about when joining Equity.

It was obviously available.


I am two-time Joey Award winner for Best Foreign Coat Check at Joe Allen's Bar Centrale. If you think I am joking, check out this article in The New Yorker.