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  1. Liam & Uncle Kilty completed a puzzle of what image in Banner Elk. 

  2. The city where Uncle Kilty was born.

  3. Name of the Italian restaurant on W 46th St. where Uncle Kilty worked three different times? Part of the Joe Allen empire.  

  4. Aunt Erin played this sport while in college at Guilford.

  5. Vocal discipline that Darby studied at JMU and NEC 

  6. First name of the person Liam had a photo op with in Edinburgh.

  7. Uncle Kilty and Papa’s First name.

  8. Hazel and Uncle Kilty’s secret ballet phrase.

  9. Uncle Kilty’s first (flop) Broadway show was called “In My ____."

  10. The name of the song Grandmarie sang for her successful Tulane Summer Lyric Audition. 

  11. Siri, Tiernaur, Liam, and Stefan all had summer jobs at this Chicago Club. 

  12. When Papa drilled a hole in the hard wood floors for the cable TV Grandmarie exclaimed, “I am ________!”

  13. Aunt Erin and Briggs were winners of this beer game in Banner Elk. 

  14. “You can bring Pearl she’s a darn nice girl but don’t bring” this person.

  15. What phrase Grandmarie would say before uttering “Playing Deuce”

  16. Uncle Kilty chopped off his left thumb preparing this first day meal for the 2023 family vacation. 

  17. The last letter of the name of Stefan’s mole. 

  18. The name of I-290 that passes through Oak Park. 

  19. Siri works at Le Crepe ____.

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